Monday, October 19, 2009

The why and the what.

So it turns out a little background is warranted - here it goes.

I worked in a cafe when I was younger, and loved it. I like getting people their happy morning ritual, I like making their amazing latte, and I like the fast-paced rush when it gets busy and everything just falls perfectly into place.

I love how cafes are a haven, a meeting point, a safe place to get away and read a book, and a social hub all at the same time.

I've been in several good cafes, but I've never been in one I absolutely love everything about - and I think I can build that cafe. I also think others will love it as much as me.

I want sun-washed pale green walls, with cream accents. Mismatched second-hand wooden chairs, painted white, with dark wood tables. Benches along the walls with cushions, and a couple oversised ridiculously comfortable tub chairs. A bookshelf stacked with books to read if you forgot yours. Well worn wooden surfaces, grooved with loving use and solid.

I can picture exactly what it will look like, smell like and feel when you walk in. It will be warm, the air scented with coffee and fresh baking.

There will be a coat rack when you first walk in - hang up your jacket and stay awhile!

When you look up at the blackboard drink menu, you won't be bombarded with complicated names, or so many options the writting is tiny and hard to read - but we'll be glad to make you a custom drink, provided we can. There will always be fresh baked cupcakes, scones (with clotted cream and jam!) muffins, cookies and various other treats - all made with organic ingredients when possible.

The coffee and tea will all be fair trade and organic, from local roasters. Coffee won't be from a carafe, or a drip machine, but made in a french press in front of you. You can order a pot of tea to take to a table and relax with, as well as a mug.

The walls will be full of art from local artists - there will also be a small display stand with fares from local soapmakers, jewellery makers, knitted and crochetted goods... this will change monthly. We will have a raffle once a month to choose a new charity, pet shelter or fundraising cause, to which all the profits of a certain cookie or mini-cupcake will donated.

Does it sounds like a cafe you would visit, and go back to, so far?


  1. Yes. Sounds like the kind of cafe that defines a neighborhood, where you might choose an apartment based on its proximity to this cafe. I'm excited to see how it turns out!

  2. Liz - congratulations on having the courage to follow a dream. Amazing ideas... Love of good food runs in the family! I'll be following with interest.

  3. David - thank you, I'm pretty excited to see it come to life! You're definitely welcome next time you're in town for a show.

    Haidi - It's going to be tough I know, but I think it'll be worth it in the end. Plus I've already got permission from Aimée to pick her brain about baking, horray!

  4. Holy smokes, sounds like the coolest place ever!

    We'll come for a visit, promise!

    Oh, I picked my Twitter followers brains this morning about what they would order with their coffee at a cafe.
    I'll get their responses to you soon, I hope.

  5. Sounds awesome Liz! I'd take a trip from NS to come check it out :)

  6. Yes indeed - I will arm wrestle someone for that comfy chair or the spot in the corner of the bench to people watch.
    The music is something you didn't mention - perhaps the followers have some suggestions?

    Aimee's website is a great place to get recipes from - at least I love them and the pictures are amazing too!


  7. Horray for cousins! Thank you, that means alot. I look forward to hearing what they had to say! I can't wait for you to come visit and sample all the baking I'm doing - if I get a nod from you I'm good to go!

    Norah-Lee I would love that, so much. I look forward to meeting your boys!

  8. Liz, you had me at scones w/clotted cream and jam.

    I will take the Greyhound in from London to be there for opening day. What an exciting endeavour!