Sunday, October 18, 2009

It begins.

I suppose it would make sense to start this with a history, and a brief description of the reasons I've decided to go with my gut and do this. By this I mean open my own cafe.
But I'd imagine most of you know me, my history, and why I'm doing this.

So instead I'm going to dive right into updates.

I thought I had the perfect space in Oakville - great area, perfect demographic - but it turns out the landlord isn't interested in bringing the building up to code. And while I'd love to foot the $30,000 bill for her, turns out I have plenty of other expenses.

Like the espresso machine I'll be getting, to turn out the amazing coffee you'll be coming in for.

This beauty is built by Elektra, her name is Barlume. She's a two-group gorgeous drink of water. Or espresso.
I've also chosen the main grinder I'll be using - a Mahlkoenig K30 Twin. It's badass.

While I don't have the perfect space yet - I did find the perfect mugs. Just so happens the over-sized textured mugs I've had my eye on from the PC Home line were on sale this weekend, so I stocked up. I'm now 24 lovely, pale creamy coloured mugs closer to opening.

I do have a new space to look at, I'm waiting to hear from the real estate agent on when.
I'll be keeping everyone posted with new updates as they happen - same bat-time, same bat-channel.

Until then, you stay classy.

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