Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yes! Yes! A Thousand Times Yes!

Super quick update from the front lines - just 'cuz we like sharing amazingly good news.

One of our private investors gave us the green light today - our proposal has been accepted!

We are approximately this excited.

We've also got a first draft of the offer we will be putting in for the restaurant business in Cabbagetown - waiting to hear from our lawyer on an appointment time, to get it reviewed, and then edited as we see fit before it's finally put to the seller.

It's all coming together - for really real! We still need to meet with RBC to finalize the details on our government guaranteed loan, also waiting to hear from our second potential investor.

If it all goes as planned *keep those fingers crossed* then we'll have the keys February 1st, and if everything continues to go as planned we'd be open to serve fantastic coffee and baked goods the beginning of March.

Celebrate with us - raise a cup of ridiculously good coffee, or a delicious half-eaten treat!



  1. Congrats!
    I hope it all works out so that I have somewhere to hang out.


  2. Thanks Sandra! We'll have squirrel-shapped cookies just for you, and the chai lattes are going to make your eyes roll up into the back of your head.

  3. Yes to that!!! I can't wait to eat squirrel-shapped cookies!