Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We want Money. That's what we Want.

Updates have been few and far between lately - we apologize.

We've been kept so busy lately it's been hard to remember to eat + sleep! But foresaking The Blog is a cardinal sin we're not willing to commit, so we find time. I've also decided this post doesn't present enough picture opportunities in of itself, so I'm peppering the post with small tie-in photos. More fun to read, right?

Who is this 'we' you ask? Why I'm so glad you did! I've been dying to tell you all about it.

I have been joined in my venture by the most lovely Sadie. She has wads of experience in the coffee + pastry world, and we're fitting like two peas in a pod so far. I'm so absolutely thrilled to have her onboard, and can't wait to introduce you all to her.

(Just like that. Except without all the other peas. You know. )

She'll be posting a little introduction to the blog in the near future, so I'll save all the fun facts for her to tell.

In the meantime - update on our financing situation.

Business plan was submitted to the CYBF representative last week, both soft and hard copies including all the fun financial sheets that go along with it.

It's been sent off to their banking representatives, who will be meeting with us on December 1st to review The Plan, and basically shred our amazing perfect plan to smitherines. (I'm not panicking - I swear). Once they're satisfied, they'll make a decision, and forward their recommendation onto the CYBF itself. We should hear back on their final decision within 1-2 weeks. (Deep breath).

My awesome new partner also presented our plan to a Private Investor on Friday of last week. Saturday I headed into the city to meet them both at the potential cafe site, to show him around, present more start-up costs and generally try very hard not to giggle nervously between sentences. (I crack bad jokes when nervous - doesn't always help me out.) He spent the weekend looking over our plan, numbers and thinking, and came back yesterday that he'd like to help.
(The above picture roughly describes my reaction to the news. Dilluted 1000x so as not to offend our lovely readers).

So now we're working on another presentation, to help show The Private Investor how his money will help, where it will go exactly, and why we absolutely know, in the bottom of our little pink hearts, that right now is the time to do this. Right now is the perfect time to do this.

Amidst all that, we've also got appointments at the bank to get the account open and ready to receive said funds, at the lawyer to finalize the corporate directors and officers (we'll have titles! ), at the accountant to sign the letter of engagement, and then finally with an architect to get new plans drawn up. Said plans will be used to generate quotes from contractors, who we need to finish some of the work in the space we're looking at.

Soon, hopefully very soon, once we have the confirmation of financing to back us, we'll start the negotiations with the landlord. That's a whole 'nother post though, and while I know the pictures I've provided have been superb, I'm sure you're tired of reading by now.

Next time we'll tell you all about that - for now, enjoy the rest of your week, and if you've got the time drop us a line!


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  1. Wooo - it's really coming along! I'm so excited for you!